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Every one of our tours has this in common: they expand your students’ perspectives and set them up for success in an interconnected world. We’ll help you find the perfect destination and itinerary, one that introduces new experiences that give your students new confidence and cultural understanding they’ll carry throughout their lives.

Popular Tours Popular Tours
Tried-and-true favorites bring destinations to life through culturally immersive activities.
New Tours New Tours
Discover new places to explore or just new ways to see a familiar destination.
Tours for Girls Tours for Girls
From trip planning to “au revoir,” girls learn and develop through decision-making, planning, diversity and inclusion, and interpersonal relationship building.
WeekAway Tours WeekAway Tours
These flexible, highlight-rich itineraries are designed with school calendars in mind.
Middle School Tours Middle School Tours
Ignite curiosity and help middle schoolers find their place in the world.
Global Leadership Summits Global Leadership Summits
These extraordinary events combine educational tours and a leadership conference, tackling significant global challenges.
STEM Tours STEM Tours
Hands-on experiences and collaborations with experts in the field.
Service Learning Tours Service Learning Tours
Work with locals on community-driven projects in Asia, Africa, or the Americas.
Language and Culture Tours Language and Culture Tours
Develop language skills through immersive cultural activities and local experiences.
Custom-Designed Tours Custom-Designed Tours
We can customize any itinerary to match your school’s needs or create a tour from scratch.
North American Tours North American Tours
Discover an adventure without ever leaving the land you call home.
Beyond the Beaten Path Tours Beyond the Beaten Path Tours
Go beyond the beaten path and connect with the surrounding culture the way only a local could.

Hundreds of destinations. Endless possibilities.

Find the tour that’s right for your group.