EF’s Global Rewards program

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When you love to travel, you never want the trip to stop. So we created our Global Rewards program to give EF Group Leaders the world. This program applies to Group Leaders who partner with EF Educational Tours, EF Explore America, EF Tours for Girls, and/or EF Go Ahead Tours.

You’re automatically enrolled as soon as you start leading an EF tour, meaning you’ll start earning points immediately. And you can take full advantage of your points practically right away. We’ve designed a selection of just-for-you VIP Rewards Tours that go almost everywhere, with itineraries and experiences you won’t find anywhere else. You can also put your points towards student scholarships, use them for tour upgrades, or redeem them for other personal travel opportunities.

For detailed information, please log in to your account or visit our Global Rewards page.

Earning points

There are tons of easy ways to earn points. For starters, you earn 1 point for every paying traveler on your tour, times the number of days on your tour. Then, this point-earning rate multiplies as you lead more tours. (See more information on this below.)

You can also earn bonus points by referring a friend, leading a tour two years in a row, or by being part of a school community where other teachers also lead EF tours. For full details on earning points, please visit our Global Rewards page.

Redeeming points

Group Leaders can redeem points for a wide variety of rewards ranging from student scholarships to personal travel opportunities. These include our special VIP Rewards Tours designed just for Group Leaders and their guests, EF Go Ahead Tours, trips with EF Ultimate Break, and more. Points can also be redeemed for things like tour upgrades and personal flight and hotel bookings. For more information on redeeming points, please visit our Global Rewards page. Or, if you’re a current Group Leader and would like to redeem your points now, please log in.

Increasing membership levels

As you lead more tours, your Global Rewards status will climb quickly. With each new level you reach, your points multiply and you unlock access to even more perks. For example, on your first tour, you’ll be a Bronze Group Leader and will earn 1 point a day for every paying traveler. After your second EF tour, you’ll be a Silver Group Leader and will earn 2 points a day for every paying traveler. For more information on membership levels and perks, please visit our Global Rewards page.

Additional questions

For all further questions, please visit our Global Rewards page or log in to your Group Leader account. You’re also welcome to contact EF’s Loyalty Team at [email protected] or 800-782-2076.