Managing money on tour is easier than ever with Till

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EF Educational Tours is going cashless on our tours with Till. Students should sign up for Till before the tour and download the free app here, then they'll receive a Till debit card to use for on-trip expenses.

Students can use the card to pay for on-tour expenses, and parents have full visibility into every transaction students make. Parents can use the app to send extra spending money to students as well.

The card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, and if it’s lost or stolen, it’s simple to lock the card and order a new one on the app. Plus, it’s a great way for young adults to gain experience managing money.

Learn more or sign up at Till offers round the clock support for travelers and families. If you have any questions, check out Till’s FAQs, reach out to [email protected], or call 424-377-8615.